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The Living Truth of War:
From the Veterans who lived it.  
        Whenever a nation’s recorded truth is not shared among all countries, the timeline is warped and history and education become a clash of parables. Even 45 years after WWII, when a large Japanese news media came to America to visit Major Gordon, and other Veterans like him who had spent over three years in Japanese camps, the reporters repeatedly said, “We never knew American POWS were tortured...We never knew...”
        Is it possible that the Japanese people did not know?
Or was it that they did not want to know?
After all, on the other side of the coin, there are some in our country, who heard that our troops were torturing the enemy - and they simply refused to believe it - or they just did not want to know.
Like most of us, I'm going to give my country the benefit of the doubt. After all, we are the good guys, aren't we? Do you suppose those on the other side think the same about their country? What do you think?
By Roy Livingstone



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