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President Obama 
      It was one
of the proudest moments for millions of Americans when President Obama became the first African American to be elected as President of the United States of America.  It's the beginning of a new era for the United States of America. We all look forward to the success and happiness to all races and collars wherever they are.
 During most of the 1900s, the United States was the envy of the world, one of the proudest patriotic countries in history. That was when Patriotism, pride and respect were in full bloom. But during the last few decades, our culture began to change respect for authority at all levels in our society, in government, the workplace, at home, and in schools.         
       Our culture is changing as fast as corruption. In fact it is getting out of hand; not only business and professional firms, and too many of our Congressmen and Senators are getting into trouble.   
       The American people deserve better.
       Thousands of Americans were heard loud and clear this summer. Now the people know that their voices can be heard at meetings, radio, TV - and many books. They read the blogs, watch TV, e-mail, and read the many books that highlight disgraceful, factual information.
        What is worse, many of the people in high office are actually getting away with pure and simple corruption - Acorn around the country, for one, and several other individuals who we will be hearing about. And, believe it or not, the people who are being criticized are the people got credit for exposing them...Even two young people (acting like the press) who took the photos that were quite intimidating, were arrested (Something to do with no permission to take pictures)
  At this point, I would say that FoxNews, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly deserve credit  for this information.

       If you have a bone to pick, or want to help make some of those rascals know that we know what's going on, send us an e-mail. If it meets our requirements, we will publish it for a period of time.


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