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            On Both Sides of the Isle

   A few mornings ago I was lying in bed half asleep and half awake - daydreaming, you might say - thinking about this first year of our depression, and how we would ever recover, and all our debts getting larger, and the corruption from big business to Washington DC…Then I remembered listening to Lowell Thomas over the radio and what my Dad always said about politicians:
          “It doesn’t matter what he says. Go by his record, and how he keeps his word; character is always the best judge of a man, not because he’s a Democrat or Republican.”

          While taking my shave, I was still thinking what my father said, and spoke to myself in the mirror, “Where, then, can we find Congressmen and Senators like that, especially at a time like this?”

   Again I remembered something that John or Abigail Adams wrote:

“There are times in which a genius would wish to live. It is not in the still calm of life,
 or the repose of a specific station, that great characters are formed.
The habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties.
 Great necessities call out great virtues.
When a mind is raised, and animated by scenes that engage the heart,
then those qualities which would otherwise lay dormant,
wake unto life and form the character of the hero and the statesman."

          Who will that one be?                      

          There are few - On both sides of the Isle - and there are Patriots, some who we haven’t even met.

          There are times when, some large companies fall into those traps and are tempted to misrepresent, or lower benefits, etc. That’s what happened to several corporations a few months ago, and helped cause our current financial condition. Any large organization as the United States Congress is destined to have legislative problems, especially when dealing with a task as large and complicated as our proposed “Health Care” program.   
           As most things worth while, it doesn’t come easy. Most of our U. S. Congress are well aware  of our Constitution and why I repeat the following sentence…“It doesn’t matter what he says. Go by his record, and how he keeps his word; character is always the best judge of a man, not because he’s a Democrat or Republican.”
            Eventually, we will have even better Health Care. It will, of course, be sweated up more, be a little less expensive, and hopefully be reduced by a few thousand pages, and in language that even lawyers can understand. 

            And for all of you big tycoons, remember that you do not have to trick, or cheat your clients, friends, and customers. Our Capitalism, and our Constitution will take very good care of you. You do not have to cross that line. There is a better way.           

                                                    ______________________________Breaking News!



On Fox TV News yesterday we saw/heard over thirty Doctors Agree that
the Doctors and Patients were the only ones
who will not benefit financially if Obama's 
Health Plan passes

This means: Once the Health Care passes the Adm.
  will Get "GOVERNMENT CONTROL," Property Rights will be changed to "SOCIAL JUSTICE," Free Press will be "RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM," Freedom of Speech, will be "COMMUNICATION POLICY."
Trust the American People, and they will trust you.
(Sure they will)
Socialism is here - Freedom gone.