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Giving up our
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Giving Up Our  Military Secrets
invites disaster

      In peace time, most all nations some type of a Security Systems with Under cover agents, spies. or whatever...Almost without exception, this secret information is well protected. If it leeks out and gets into the "wrong hands," it could be a disaster...I remember one time when a German spy who was faking as an English officer gave the Germens the name, time and place of the next bombing raid. Over fifty airmen were killed on that day. The German spy shot himself on the same day.
      In today's world where e-mail, telephone, radio, etc. these can be the most important protection we have, even it taps some of our own privacy.  
      In a War when the military often take prisoners, and generally interrogate them for information. In some cases, the prisoners are tortured. Some Countries rely upon verbal threatening, or tricks; others resort to mild or severe torturing. The Geneva Convention Relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War is outdated.

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